Host 3 months of Live Ideation Sessions

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Hi all, Mike Good here~

I'm an idea guy. I absolutely love coming up with ideas, brainstorming and hosting ideation sessions.

When I saw this DAO pop up, I had just been thinking about how awesome it would be to have a group dedicated to forming ideas for others to pick up and run with.

Through this prop, I'm hoping to do just that...

Let me host pre-planned weekly ideation sessions for a 2-3 month span of time on Twitter Spaces. We'll promote Noun.Build, Nouns and Idea DAO through engaging sessions where we invite people to brainstorm weekly.

I think something like this can/will really energize the community at large, and get the creative juices flowing across a 10-12 ideation sessions.

To kick start sessions I'll bring forward ideas and invite key guests who will be known builders throughout the community.. Doing this should put some more focus/attention on Idea DAO and possibly gain us more token holders.

Thanks for your consideration and support in advance!

Feel free to message me on Twitter with questions @goodbeats


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