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I'm seeking to continue the Builder Buzz newsletter and expand the proposal tracking work which I was originally funded through Prop 57.


The newsletter has become an essential hub of news and updates for the Builder DAO and Nouns Builder community. In this fast-paced digital realm with many unique feeds of information, Builder Buzz has become an anchor for the community, consistently delivering the latest developments, events, and news. It’s not just about relaying DAO activites, but also shining a spotlight on all community milestones and projects. By curating content, the newsletter ensures our community isn't missing information, and instead gets concise, relevant updates. Plus, as Builder Buzz continues to gain momentum, it's not just enhancing our visibility but also attracting fresh collaborators. With active pushes on platforms like Farcaster and Twitter, we’re ensuring the buzz reaches far and wide.

Content Amplification

In addition to publishing the newsletter, I will start repurposing the content contained within the newsletter to be published as individual tweets/posts in the days following the publication of the newsletter. Each section will be turned into a unique post. Certain posts will be repeating every week or so, including reminders of meetings, protocol stats, etc. Others will be unique based on the news and events happening that week. Below is a table calculating how many of each type of post can be derived from previous publications of the newsletter. Some of these posts have already been being published, such as public work sessions, so there is some overlap but based on previous publications it is safe to assume we can derive at least 8 posts from each newsletter moving forward.

Opportunities for Collaboration

I will also begin exploring options for collaborating with authors of other newsletters. Opportunities for co-promos, content swaps, or sponsorships of some form may be a viable pathway for gaining more views on the newsletter, and in turn attracting more people to check out what we are up to. There is no compensation for this work included in this proposal as I will wait until I am able to work something out then come back with additional proposals for these opportunities as needed. If you have ideas or opportunities that you think may be of interest, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Proposal Tracking

The current setup for the proposal tracking in Notion records essential details from each proposal, such as the ask, vote outcomes, associated teams, and more. I'd like to continue maintaining this database with this data and links to discussions.


  • Newsletters and associated posts: 12 @ 0.333 ETH each = 4.0 ETH
  • Proposal tracking: 0.20 ETH/month = 0.6 ETH
  • Total: 4.6 ETH

Note: 1 post will be published on 10/9 prior to the conclusion of voting on this proposal, if the vote passes it will effectively be retroactive compensation for the first post of this period.

North Star Check

This proposal aligns with and furthers the Mission, Vision, and Values of Builder DAO via transparent communication and clearly presented historical proposal data.

Treasury Impact

Requesting 4.6 ETH (approximately 1.5% of the Builder DAO treasury at the time of writing)


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