175Lil Design Research Project II (Take 2)

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I am resubmitting a clearer proposal with more focus. I have illustrated below the deliverables and milestones for the next 3 months. I am able to commit 2 days a week as opposed to 1, hence this is 2x the ask I made for the first 3 months in Prop 139.

Deliverables Deliverables Timeline for Deliverables

  1. Lil Content (1x a Week Ongoing)
  2. Lil Design Ref Doc (Ongoing)
  3. Digital Brand Library: Launch v1 15/01/24 (Figma) will include Lil Nouns logo alternatives (inc animated versions), vector illustrations and UI components + guidelines for use in Lil community sites and projects (all cc0)
  4. Design Handbook: Early concepts presented end of February (within a continuation Prop that I will post to complete the book) - Launch December 2024

As mentioned in Take 1 of Phase 2 Prop 173, I have spent the first 3 months mainly on research (+ a bit of early concepting/doodling) and getting to know the dynamics of Lil Nouns DAO, seeing where I could have the most positive impact, and offering help to community members to elevate the materials we have. My ultimate goal for this project is to produce a high quality handbook for designing in the Public Domain and I think there is great tie in to Lil Nouns/Nouns in general. Whilst I create the book I also want to help where I can e.g. with onboarding new creatives to Lil Nouns, providing entertaining and engaging content, and helping community members with design work, as I have been doing.

Thanks for the consideration, hopefully the objectives/deliverables/timelines are clearer here - please vote with reason.


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